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In Bristol...

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Black logo for BLACK artists on the move.

BLACK* artists on the Move

Black logo for BLACK artists on the move.

BLACK* Artists On The Move is a national arts development agency that supports black artists of all backgrounds and practices who are committed to excellence. They deliver a range of training programmes for artists focused on equality and decolonisation, run festivals and longer term initiatives in schools and community settings.

Travelling across the UK, their multidisciplinary team supports writers, theatres, dancers, musical artists, visual artists, digital artists, live artists and artists using craft traditions.

At their annual gathering, artists from all different backgrounds come together to immerse themselves in creativity and share current thinking, strategies and opportunities. It is also where they finalise their programme of work for the year ahead.

BLACK* Artists on the Move worked with us on our third cookbook, Secret Dishes From Around the World 3. They commissioned the fantastic artist Magdalena Julius Swallow to create a multimedia artwork for the project.

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