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Community Meal Drive


Support Bounceback Food delivery teams as they prep, cook and distribute hot meals to vulnerable people living in food poverty. Our team in central Manchester have been fighting hunger since 2014 – we are now beginning the process of training delivery teams in towns and cities across the UK to replicate our Community Cookery School model.

Nobody Should Go Hungry in the UK


Our Community Meal Drives began as part of our Covid-19 response and helped to provide hot, nutritious meals for vulnerable people most impacted by the pandemic.

Since 2014, we’ve generated over 80,000 meals – with your support, we can get that number even higher. Just £3 is enough to cover a hot meal for someone in their time of need.

Delivering Community Meal Drives at crucial times of the year to address holiday hunger (winter and during school holidays) is central to the development of our Community Cookery School as we build delivery teams across the UK.

For information about our upcoming events keep an eye on our Community Cookery School blog or Eventbrite page. Thank you for your continued support! 

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The Happy Newspaper

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